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Process Modeller

Process Modeller

Behind every good process lies an intelligent air-traffic controller. Within Orijinate, 'The Brain' is the underlying engine that manages the flow of decisioning throughout an application process. This includes the steps of the process, the look and feel and the integration and decisioning points. It contains an easy-to use interface for your business to build these as you wish. The Brain, which is the engine behind the Orijiniate platform allows for an easily adaptable business process and application flow to meet your customers needs. Not only can we change it once, but tailor it for all of our customers ensuring you can meet their customers needs individually.

Agile Applications

Not every business is the same, and not every business process is either. Customers look for adaptability, which is what Orijinate was designed to achieve. Many Finance companies look for that edge over their competition, typically their intellectual property is the quality and speed of their process. The Rapid Application Complier enables you to very quickly build highly integrated, efficient application and approval processes that meet your unique requirements.
Agile Applications
Services Library

Services Library

Quick Quote
Generate automated PDF quotes for prospects and customers within seconds.
ID, Company ABN/ACN, Asset Classes, BSB, Address, Social (coming...)
Credit Scoring
With years of experience in what makes decisioning important to the Originations process, the staff at Orijinate work with you to meet your decisioning needs. We can help in tailoring score cards to meet your lending appetite and that of yours customers.
The heart of any modern organisation is their customer relationship management (CRM, FIN, Contract Management, Receivables) system - this is where all of your customers information is held and a quality source of information that can be used to populate the Orijinate system, without unnecessary re-keying of information. Data quality is important to us, as we know it is to you, so integrating into your existing systems is something we are experts in Approvals & Workflow Management
PPSR, NCCP and AML are all important attributes of any loan originations system, and are mandatory. Orjiniates modular architecture allows you to chose the right module to meet your compliance needs.
Document Management
Orijinates Document Management process is the ability to integrate your own documents into your own process within Agile Applications.

Having these pre-populate reduces human error and any re-work which is may cause, ensuring you are drawing on your data to complete documents as quickly and easily as possible.



In the banking sector, we aim to automate any lending process that needs more efficiency!


We understand that all finance processes are different; hire purchase, novated lease, line of credit, mortgages, credit cards operating leases and more. Orijinate has been specifically designed to accomodate each of these processes without distrupting your backend systems. Process agility is what Orijinate provides, with flexibility and adaptability to your process for the best customer experience for immediate client conversion.


Validate and ensure data quality and efficient assessment and quotation processes to approve customer policies.


Get new customers approved for services in minutes. The process could start with ABN Validation, ID Checking or Credit Policies and finish with automated contracts for approval.


Originate new consumer or business accounts with ease!



Direct Sales

Your direct sales force either in the field or in the call centre - or both!


Your indirect sales force.


Integrated into your website.


Through your retail branch


On Tablets and Mobiles


About Us

Orijinates revolutionary Origination system allows for the processing of data intensive application lifecycle, from creating a quote to settlement. No matter your business process, our modular system can easily be adapted to meet your requirements providing an exceptional customer experience.

The Orijinate platform has been designed to integrate with leading customer relationship management platforms, align with your sales processes to reduce the applications lifecycle and avoiding data handling issues with clumsy manual processes. Integrated decisioning allows for a streamlined end to end process.

Compliance is important to the origination process, with the appropriate checks and verifications the Orijinate platform is like no other. Orijinates ‘Brain’ technology allows easily adaptable business compliance checks are enforced in any part of the process, providing auditing and quality checking at any time.

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